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Amazing Things


This studio album is a powerful collection of contemporary inspirational songs.  It includes ten original songs and two covers:  "Amazing Things" by Megon McDonough and Jana Stanfield and "I Release" by Michael Gott and Rickie Beckwith.


Of the album, Michael says: Many, many changes have taken place in my life — all of them good, some of them not easy.  This album has taught me patience, trust and the power of relying on others.  Every song here is a collaboration of some kind.  All of the original songs here are co-written except for “Do You See?” and that song, more than any of the others, is about the power of pouring yourself into the life of another.


I am so very, very grateful for all those who have given themselves in some way or another to me.  I hope that I have offered something worthy in return.  To everyone who has supported my ministry over the years: Thank you.

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