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For the last several years as I've performed at conferences and centers  across America, facilitators and ministers have been asking me to record an album of the chants and sing-a-longs that I have written.  Here at last is that album.


This project has been unique for me.  A song meant to be sung by a group is  different in many ways from one meant to be sung as a solo.   In addition to nine new original songs, I've re-recorded three tunes from previous albums in a more "user-friendly" format.   Here I've placed the songs in a lower key to make them more suitable  for group singing.  The lyrics are simple, repetitive and easily learned.  The ideas and truths expressed in these songs are also simple, straightforward and from the heart.   They are songs of affirmation, devotion and community.  

While maintaining simplicity, I haven't sacrificed beauty.  The production  values here are stellar.  Thanks in large part to the quality of artists working with me in the studio:  Pearce Meisenbach on Cello, Sam Swank on acoustic and electric guitar, Rob Avsharian on drums, Mitch Hill on hand drums and percussion, Steven Grillo (my right hand man) on bass and the marvelous magic of engineer Kent Stump.  I knew that for this project, the vocals would be key.  You can hardly call them "background".  Benita Arterberry, Lainey Bernstein, Kurt Haymond and Mark deVille Jobson are all amazing singers in their own right.  I am grateful and honored to have them sing on this record.


It was for my own spiritual community that I first began writing these songs in the mid 1990's.  It seems only fitting that I dedicate this album to those glorious, brilliant souls who breathe life into these songs every Sunday morning.  My utmost thanks go out to Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes and the entire community at the Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, Texas.  You have touched my life.  You are a light in my world.

Come Together

1.  Love Is
2.  All That I Need
3.  Come Together
4.  I Am
5.  I Will Make A Quiet Place
6.  There Is Only Love
7.  God Lives Through Me
8.  A Light In The World
9.  God In Me
10.  I'm Stepping Out
11.  Right Here, Right Now
12.  I Will Be


$16 plus shipping and handling


$18 song book plus shipping and handling


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