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Amazing Things

1.     Amazing Things (Megon McDonough and Jana Stanfield)

2.     What If Now? (Carole Maloney & Michael Gott)

3.     Do You See? Dedicated to my friend and teacher Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes (Michael Gott)

4.     Finding The Key (Matthew Andrew & Michael Gott)

5.     Let Go, Let Come (Oshunfeme Williams & Michael Gott)

6.     We All Need A Prayer (Kathy Young & Michael Gott)

7.     Let The World Sing (Jeff Hagins & Michael Gott)

8.     Rise A Little Higher (Steve Curry & Michael Gott)

9.     I Am That, I Am (Debra West & Michael Gott)

10.   So Alive (Carole Maloney & Michael Gott)

11.   When I Forget (Melissa Phillippe & Michael Gott)

12.   I Release And I Let Go (Rickie Byars Beckwith & Michael Beckwith)


$17 plus shipping and handling


Many thanks


  • Dr. Lawrence Davis

  • Rev. Petra Weldes and the community at the Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas.

  • Rev. Liesa Garcia and the community at the Center for Spiritual Living, Reno.

  • The CSL Reno choir and the amazing vocal ensemble Souls Afire.

  • To all the artists who contributed to this project.  You do amazing things.

  • To my beloved friend Maggie Cole.  I love the way I look in your eyes.

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