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This marks Michael's first collaborative CD.  This is a beautiful collection of guided meditations and visualizations created with Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes, Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living

We have both worked in a wide variety of settings.  We have been richly blessed in life to collaborate with some amazing individuals—authors, poets, playwrights, jazz musicians and opera singers to name a few.  Every once in a while we find someone with whom there is an unspoken understanding, a special magic in creating something memorable and beautiful.  It is always the richest of blessings when these creative relationships last.  We have been working together as a team since the early 1990’s at the Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas.  Almost from the beginning, we realized we shared a common language and vision in the work we do together.   Over the years, this has only grown in depth and breadth.   We have talked about creating a CD like this for several years and are so pleased that we have now completed it.  It is our hope that you use these pieces in joy and love as you deepen your own experience of living in the heart of God.


                        --Michael Gott & Petra Weldes

                           July, 2006

In the Heart of God

  1. Breath Meditation  (5 Minutes) -- A simple introduction to a classic breathing meditation

  2. Sacred Space  (6 minutes) -- A guided visualization for finding and going back to your sacred space

  3. In the Heart of God (11 minutes) -- A contemplative chant inviting you to chant out loud during the singing, and contemplate the words between verses

  4. Pool of Peace (11 Minutes) -- A guided visualization for entering a perfect place and sate of inner peace

  5. Chakra Meditation (15 Minutes) -- Guided imagery to awaken and align the chakras

  6. Guidance Mediation (18 minutes) -- A guided mediation to use anytime guidance or answers are sought



Note: This CD is sold out.    

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